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J Barry Ferguson Fund 2021 gallery

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Eagle’s Complete Trees and Shrubs

Eagle’s Complete Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand

Audrey Eagle edition 2006

No description is probably necessary of the 1114-page, 500-colour-plate masterpiece of Dr Audrey Eagle’s impeccable illustrations of 800 species of the indigenous trees and shrubs of Aotearoa. Although the two-volume boxed set was once almost criminally affordable, it is now officially out of print. Consequently and deservedly, it is becoming more valuable by the day. Amazon lists a used copy at $354.06 but not only will Amazon not ship it to Aotearoa, it is problematic that, at 6.2 kilograms, the set would arrive in halfways reasonable condition if it were to. An excellent argument for donating local!
pages 1000

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